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DAPP Tracks

There are many different blockchains out there, but not all are created equal. We have picked 3 tracks to follow depending on the blockchain you use, with resources for each one.

Bitcoin/Blockstack Track:
You don't need to learn C++ to interact with the bitcoin blockchain, thanks to Blockstack's appliction layer. To get started, download the Blockstack Browser here: https://blockstack.org/install
Blockstack is a great way to trustlesly verify identity using the blockchain, while tapping into cryptographically signed off chain storage through their Gaia solution. Pick one of the tutorials here https://blockstack.org/tutorials in prep for the DAPPHACK.

Ethereum Track:
There are many ways to run a DAPP on Ethereum since it is turing completely. This guide is one of the best we have found out there:
Here are the components the guide will have you use
Hosting: IPFS
Smart Contract: Solidity
FrontEnd Smart Contract: Web3.js
FrontEnd: React.js/Javascript
Frameworks: Truffle
Sign Contracts: Metamask/Mist

If you get confused by all the terminology surrounding ethereum, this is a great post describing the nuts and bolts: https://medium.com/@mattcondon/getting-up-to-speed-on-ethereum-63ed28821bbe

Hyperledger Track:
Follow the setup steps in this tutorial in prep for the DAPPHACK https://medium.com/@gaurangtorvekar/getting-started-with-hyperledger-fabric-ba7efb55b75


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